08 September 2011

Things I love Thursday

Last weeks Things I love was deleted by Blogger so I've made this one twice as big to compensate.

(image via Tumblr; unknown source)

Bruised eye make-up  Seeing your bestfriend after month apart - I missed you baby!  Tao Peng and noodles  Watching 500 days of Summer to start the day Overflowing bunnies  Finally catching the Minecraft bug!  Creamsicle sitting amongst my soda glasses  Woolly shorts weather!  Wedding invitations ♥ Angel Cake scented bath syrup  Incoming lenses from iwantcute.com ♥ Faking it until you make it ♥ Having a million ideas for new art pieces - at last! Already excited for next years RP!  Rejuvenating oversized handbags ♥ Pink biker jackets ♥ New hair colour! SO MANY fashion ideas I want to explode  Not-too-hot-for-jumpers, not-too-cold-for-skirts ♥ Soft pink and gold  Giles Deacon SS10 dinosaur bag; do you reckon it's going to be too hard to make myself?! ♥ Finding last years lilac Ugg boots ♥ Hey Ashly, Whatcha playing?  POKEMONNN SNAP!  Tea Party Club 4th anniversary tea this weekend!!

Michelle <3

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