25 August 2011

Things I love Thursday

I'll admit it straight off; I've stolen this idea straight from Gala Darling but it's such a fantastic idea; I fully endorse it.  Spread a little LOVE!

(image via Tumblr; unknown source)

Getting psyched up for a weekend away  Fresh-baked brownies  Remembering fireworks over the skies of Canaan, CT and the fact it was only a month ago  Taking the doors off of our kitchen cabinets and discovering a whole new style for our little cooking nook ♥ Drinking copious amounts of tea; my favorites are Yum Chaa's Raspberry Vanilla when I'm out and Twinings Orange, Mango and Cinnamon while at home  Endless re-runs of Jonathan Creek via the x-box  Three-day weeks  The arrival of many parcels - it's almost like it's Christmas come early  Trawling through Tumblr and various blogs such as Apartment Therapy for cute home inspiration  Buying new soda glasses... simple things please simple minds! ♥ Teddy bear bags  EMBRACING bad moods ♥ My Little Pony coloured hair ♥ Douwe Egberts jars (please donate me yours!)  The release date for VNV Nation - 'Automatic' was announced on Tuesday! ♥ ENJOYING WRITING MY NEW BLOG!!

Michelle <3

23 August 2011

The elusive 'happy balance'

(photo via Tumblr; unknown source)

(I'm writing this from the Lolita vs everyday clothing angle, but I believe that it could easily be applied to many other aspects of fashion. For example, when your clubbing clothes outweigh your work clothes, do you have something to worry about?)

I'm a firm believer in NOT dressing for the occasion and dressing for yourself instead but I'm also the first to admit that sometimes, it's totally impractical and uncomfortable to wear all-out Lolita.

Look at what you have in your closet. Does a normal, functional wardrobe NEED 20 dresses in it? If you wear a dress everyday, then possibly. But how many of them could be worn on a daily basis without being ruined or just being entirely inappropriate?

It's probably fair to say that about 20% of your clothes are worn 80% of the time. There's the jeans the fit perfectly, the handful of teeshirts that are cute yet work-appropriate, the all-rounder cardigan that takes you from travel to lounging; things that you wouldn't list as your 'favourite' items but that you would miss a whole lot if they were gone. Maybe you're guilty of ignoring this 20% and instead, you put effort into what you wear only 20% of your time? I know I probably am.

I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that your 'dress-up' clothes make you the happiest when you wear them. I don't mean to say that your sweatpants don't give you warm feelings inside when you're snuggled on the sofa but, especially with Lolita and similar fashions, when you spend time choosing your outfit and dressing up in hard-earned clothes, at the end of it you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

So... happy balance.
AKA Getting the magic of dress-up into your daily clothes.

21 August 2011

What I wore 002

I wore this to go to the event 'Lolita in Wonderland' earlier this year. It was a really fun day and this was a really comfortable outfit so I wore something very similar for a meet a few days later; mostly changing my hairstyle.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Body Line
Usamimi: handmade
Bag: Dream of Lolita
Hoodie: Body Line

Michelle <3

19 August 2011

Learn to embrace your dress-down days

It's always the way; you get up, you know you have a day off and all you intend to do is wash some delicates and maybe watch some movies, & yet there always seems to be something unexpected that makes you really wish you'd put on some mascara, or at least brushed your hair.
Sorry, I can't come out to play; I'm just hanging out at home today.
"Sorry, I can't come out to play; I'm just hanging out at home today."
In these situations, looking good is more about damage mitigation than primping and preening. It's also in times like these that I invest all of my trust in the fact that looking cute is about attitude, personality and an adorable smile rather than the clothes and make-up I wear. I always try to take 5 minutes to at least make myself presentable before running through the door, grabbing my keys on the way.

So, 5 minutes damage mitigation...

18 August 2011

10 beauty items I can't live without

I've noticed a few of these floating in blogs and all over YouTube so I thought I would do my own.

  • Eyeko Fat Balm in Mint. Use amabassador code E239 with purchase to get some free stuff. I remember Eyeko Bubblegum perfume pens from when I was 12 so when I saw these guys were still in business, I bought nearly everything they make to try them all out. The packaging is brilliant, but the products aren't that bad either. A little plasticy but it's all so cheap! This is my favorite of their 'Fat Balms' and it's saved my lips from office air-con on so many occasions, it's not even funny.
  • MAC Studio Fix compact. I use this every day, either over the top of Eyeko cream (see further down the list!) for a perfect complexion, or on it's own to even out my blotchy coloring. I would have probably painted my face pink with oil paints by now if I had never discovered this.
  • Eyeko cream - the pink one, not the tinted one. It says it's a 3 in 1 cream - eye cream, highlighter and moisturiser - but I usually just use it all over my face as a base for Studio Fix, or on my eyes as an eyeshadow primer. The best things about it are the golden shimmer held in it's creamy yumminess, the plastic Barbie scent of it, and the fact it's only £5.
  • Eyeko cream smells like Barbies.

    17 August 2011

    What I wore 001

    Michelle <3

    This is one of my favourite outfits that I've worn recently and I wore it for a friends birthday.

    JSK; Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
    Headbow; Angelic Pretty
    Shoes; Body Line
    Clip; Bonjour Honey
    everything else; Offbrand

    Michelle <3

    Hello, my name is Michelle.

    I've been waiting for my life to happen for quite a few years now and I'm nearing the age where it seems like EVERYONE except me is married or pregnant or both. I've been to school, college, university. I've got the job and the boyfriend and I rent a house and to all intents and purposes, I am a grown-up, but I'm still waiting.

    I know this statement applies to most of my friends too, and it's not a happy thought. Is this what my parents thought before me, or are we a generation of discontented eternal teens? I want to enjoy my life assuming that it is all it's ever going to be, and make the most out of it.

    That is why I am starting this blog. Reflection, a journal to fill with ideas and achievements, a Captains Log from the spaceship Swiftheart.
    I also want to share the things I love; all things cute, art, nerdery and... of course, Lolita fashion, with my friends online and with the hope of making new ones!

    Michelle <3
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