15 September 2011

Things I love Thursday

My lolita-inclined friends all looking fab at the Royal Horseguards on Saturday! ♥ Posh crab finger sandwiches  Laser-cut gold necklaces that say "Tea Party", and the AWESOME people that gift them! (thank you Sophie!)  Korean karaoke  Purikura with my sweetest friends!!  Freshly dyed hairs ♥ Many compliments on my bizarre usage of bracelets (I BLUSH!)  Sleeping in ALL day King Arthur (especially Tristan; purrr) ♥ Coming to the end of 'A Clash of Kings' and realising I haven't read this avidly since University  Halloweenies released at Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Nikki Lipsticks SUPER-COOL DIY hair extensions FAQ  Sea-salted dark chocolate ♥ 


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