21 September 2012

My 10 favourite MAC eyeshadow colours

When I started writing this blog, I listed ten of my favourite make-up and beauty products.  At the time, I promised to list my favourite MAC eyeshadows.  At last, I have honoured my word and dusted off my keyboard.

I present my top ten favourite MAC shadows, and my favourite ways to use them...

10: FILAMENT - lustre - "Platinum silver"
Cerubic, glitter-packed and innocent.
Perfect for: risking-up natural looks without adding sex appeal
Pair it with: resinous perfume and soft lashes - play up the angelic look with a devilish scent.

9: ROMPING - frost - MAC description unknown 
(A C-shock limited edition resurrected in the Hello Kitty Too Dolly quad.  I wasn't going to include any limited editions, but I use this too regularly to skip it!)
Perfect pink with lilac sparkles - cute and sweet!
Perfect for: injecting some pink into blander outfits.  Remember to avoid matching your eyeshadow to your outfit outside of fancy dress and fashion shoots!
Pair it with: cream waterline eyeliner to tone down eye redness.  Red eyes are exaggerated by pink eyeshadows.

8: NEHRU - matte - "Muted bluish-black"
Wearable black-tone; like a black hole.
Perfect for: smokey eyes, blending out the edges of eyeliner.
Pair it with: hyper-strength glitter-tastic lipgloss, like Urban Decay Stardust in "Andromeda".

7: TILT - frost - "Violet w/blue-green pearl" 
The perfect peacocking for blue-eyed (or grey-eyed!) beauties.
Perfect for: adding an extra dimension to brown looks (my favourite), or to accent blue eyes - just blend, blend, blend.
Pair it with: soft pink lips, stained with Benefit Posie Tint.

6: SATIN TAUPE "Taupe with a silver shimmer"
Copper-toned gold with a subtle glow.
Perfect for: brown smokey eye looks, socket colours and glitzing up day-time looks.
Pair it with: deep, sexy plum shadows to equip yourself with a 'fuck me now' glance.

5: BITTER - velvet - "Vivid green with a shimmer"
Jaundiced, putting the creepy into creepy cute.
Perfect for: sallow goth looks without resorting to black.
Pair it with: a good concealer - I rate NARS - you need to even out any redness to carry this colour off!

4: BEAUTY MARKED - velvet - "Black-red w/sparkle pearl"
Gothic, burlesque and glamour.  Delicious glitter.
Perfect for: dressy smokey eye looks and all-over-lid for gothic looks.
Pair it with: thick, smudged eyeliner å la Taylor Momsen.

3: OMEGA - matte - "Soft muted beige-taupe"
Subtle, soft earthy beige - one I've bought twice!
Perfect for: everything.  This is my perfect base-shade and I nearly always use it before building up with other colours.  I'm usually prefer drawing attention to my eyes rather than my lips (I have a scar on my lip that I hate!) and this is quite dark for a base colour but it's perfect for me and what I like.
Pair it with: white waterlined eyes for a bright-eyed glow.

2: YOGURT - matte - "Soft pale pink"
So good I've bought it twice!
Perfect for: base tones and vintage cutesy looks.
Pair it with: graphic shimmer eyeliner.  Mix up the styles, but remember to blend out something between the two, like MAC "Phloof!" eyeshadow.


1: WOODWINKED -veluxe pearl - "Warm antique gold"
True gold, true glamour.
Perfect for: highlight - light cheekbone highlights are awesome with this.  Tap it on, then blush-brush it off. A little goes a LONG way!  Same for a cupids-bow highlight with nude lips.
Pair it with: bronzed skin for a beautiful glow.  So much fun to play with!

And they're not MAC, but I can't live without them...
Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow in "Diamond Dog".
Barry M fine glitter dust and Dazzle Dust in 98 and 24.
Urban Decay Naked2 palette, in it's entirety, but in particular, YDK, Suspect and Snakebite.

It's been a while, but I still love you.

Michelle <3

Product images from the MAC website.
All other images my own.

07 May 2012

What I wore 05.05.12

It's been a while!  I've started a new job and finally had the chance to buy one of my 'dream dresses'; Fantastic Dolly.  Needless to say, it is made by angels and from fabric made of marshmallows.  That said, I've never really thought of what to wear with it so this outfit is very cookie-cutter but I love it all the same.  I wore this for the V&A meet-up that was affectionately nicknamed the "Frilly Takeover" on Twitter.  It was so so good to see everyone after so so long, and all in one place.  We had a count and there were 113 of us!  It must be a record!

This is as close to a detail shot as I think I did all day?  Thanks to Luna for bringing a camera along; I need to get myself a little point-and-shoot for meets as my phone battery life just doesn't cut it!

I cannot BELIEVE my hair stayed in place all day.  Kudos to Lovelylor for her tutorial - it works!  I used slightly different clips but I can't imagine the Hell I would have been in should I gone with my original bobbie-pin plan.

As always in London, we ended up at London Photosticker Club and did some purikura, which I shall leave you with.  I, as always, can't these photobooths seriously!

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Tights: Primark
Hairbow: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: New Look

Shoes: Secret Shop
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Coat: GLP
Accessories: Ribbon Groupie, Angelic Pretty, Sex Pot Revenge, Luxestudio, Patisserie Pink
Bag: Angelic Pretty


24 February 2012

What I wore 04.02.12

Today was the day I tried my gravity-defying pigtails!  I LOVE that I don't have to wear a wig to get this effect; it's all my hair in pigtails, then weave clipped over it.  It made me so tall!

This photo of me and Emma dolled up for the night makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: via Clobbaonline
Hairbow: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: TU at Sainsburys
Bag: Angelic Pretty

I was basically a walking advert for AP, but I love it.  This was another REALLY comfortable outfit.  This dress is so forgiving and really soft - I recommend it!

23 February 2012

What I wore 02.02.12

I really liked this outfit; it was so comfortable in the cold, windy Wales weather!  I also wore my pink coat over the top, but had to keep taking it off in the hot bars and screening rooms.

The lighting in the bathroom kicked ASS but my phone didn't manage to keep up with it.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Kohls
Hairbow: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Handmade
Wristcuffs, Bangle: Angelic Pretty
Hairclip: Bonjour Honey
Shoes: via Clobbaonline
Bag: Angelic Pretty

15 January 2012

What I wore 14.01.12

I went to an Oxford Lolita meet yesterday and the theme was Teddy Bears.  Of course, I jumped at this theme as I love bears even though I don't have a bear print... yet.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: TU at Sainsburys
Coat: G.L.P.
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accessories: Minty Mix, Angelic Pretty

Creepy cliche from-above pose! <3


12 January 2012

What I wore 11.01.12

I'm sorry for the photo quality; the long nights make it difficult to get photos as I usually wear Lolita in the evenings.
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Kohls
Shoes: Secret Shop Tea Parties (black) - not shown as I was in my house
Accessories: Cardboard Robot, Angelic Pretty

This little bolero makes an appearance again!  Can you tell I love it?

Does anyone have any tips to combat wig-shine?  I bought this wig as it was the same model as my super blonde one, but it's so much shinier and it looks plastic-y.  Other than that, I love it and it's very versatile (I wear it with street-wear too) so I'd love to fix my shine issue!


11 January 2012

Brief note;

I'm so sorry for becoming quiet; I know it's totally not in my nature!  I've been really busy dealing with a redundancy and all the hassle it entails but I hope to become a more frequent poster very soon!

Michelle <3
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