21 September 2011

Is dressed-up too overdressed?

Please don't get me wrong.  I LOVE getting dressed to the nines for meet-ups, tea parties, special occasions, in fact give me any excuse and I'm going to don my everyday best.  I just don't understand wearing your finest finery to do everyday things like going to the grocery store, or wandering around town.

Nearly every day people upload photos to communities boasting "I wore this to go run errands" or "I wore this to see my nan" and the outfits are more detailed than some of the co-ordinations I put together for nationwide meets.  I understand this is not just a fashion for some people; it's a hobby and a passion too, but this strikes me as odd.  It's impractical to wear all of those accessories on a daily basis.  I've written previously about getting the magic into everyday clothes but some of these outfits seem like a scream for attention rather than enjoying a fashion.

It's not dressing up.

It's being overdressed.

(image from Tumblr; original source unknown)

But where does the line get drawn?

In my opinion, you should always dress for the occasion within reason.  If you are just relaxing at a friends house, it should be OK with them for you to give a superb outfit a trial-run and on the odd occasion, this is fine.  When you're spending every day with a teacup adhered to your head, you might be going too far.

Dressing for the occasion should also be considered with your motif choices.  It's popular to wear the latest brand-released print but wearing a circus print with all of the related ephemera to spend the day on a farm just doesn't make sense, and vice versa; A day spent at the opera in Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden just doesn't seem right.

I know it's tempting to drag your finest out at every viable opportunity but sometimes it needs to be held back until it can be worn on the finest occasion, and that's definitely not the supermarket run.


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