25 August 2011

Things I love Thursday

I'll admit it straight off; I've stolen this idea straight from Gala Darling but it's such a fantastic idea; I fully endorse it.  Spread a little LOVE!

(image via Tumblr; unknown source)

Getting psyched up for a weekend away  Fresh-baked brownies  Remembering fireworks over the skies of Canaan, CT and the fact it was only a month ago  Taking the doors off of our kitchen cabinets and discovering a whole new style for our little cooking nook ♥ Drinking copious amounts of tea; my favorites are Yum Chaa's Raspberry Vanilla when I'm out and Twinings Orange, Mango and Cinnamon while at home  Endless re-runs of Jonathan Creek via the x-box  Three-day weeks  The arrival of many parcels - it's almost like it's Christmas come early  Trawling through Tumblr and various blogs such as Apartment Therapy for cute home inspiration  Buying new soda glasses... simple things please simple minds! ♥ Teddy bear bags  EMBRACING bad moods ♥ My Little Pony coloured hair ♥ Douwe Egberts jars (please donate me yours!)  The release date for VNV Nation - 'Automatic' was announced on Tuesday! ♥ ENJOYING WRITING MY NEW BLOG!!

Michelle <3

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