19 August 2011

Learn to embrace your dress-down days

It's always the way; you get up, you know you have a day off and all you intend to do is wash some delicates and maybe watch some movies, & yet there always seems to be something unexpected that makes you really wish you'd put on some mascara, or at least brushed your hair.
Sorry, I can't come out to play; I'm just hanging out at home today.
"Sorry, I can't come out to play; I'm just hanging out at home today."
In these situations, looking good is more about damage mitigation than primping and preening. It's also in times like these that I invest all of my trust in the fact that looking cute is about attitude, personality and an adorable smile rather than the clothes and make-up I wear. I always try to take 5 minutes to at least make myself presentable before running through the door, grabbing my keys on the way.

So, 5 minutes damage mitigation...

  • A good long cardigan. These hit the fashion world YEARS ago and yet they've hung around and evolved well. They cover up a multitude of sins, such as badly-co-ordinated outfits and and ill-fitting 'comfy' tops, & can still be considered 'in style'. My favorite is a (very well loved) boyfriend-style grey one from New Look and it's been brilliant value for money.

  • Eyeko Fat Balm in mint. This might not be suitable for all skin tones (Strawberry would be a safer bet) but for me, it's great. It states that it's great on cheeks, but I use the shimmery pinkness as a highlighter at a pinch. If you use code 'E239' at the checkout, you get a free gift as well.

  • MASCARA! Even if I'm wearing no other make-up, I've usually got on a coat of mascara. My favourite is Maybelline XXL False Lashes but I'm not too fussy if I'm in a rush. A quick run-over with a mascara comb can make even the sleepiest eyes look at least a little more awake!

  • Snagless hair loops are always in my bag and they can save the day. My hair is tangly and horrible but I've almost learnt how to pull it into an 'effortless' ponytail and these guys are a God-send.

  • Black heels or smart flats. I have a couple of pairs but my favorites are from Tesco 'F+F' range and they cost me £5. They can make any outfit suddenly chic and combined with the long cardie and a messy up-do, it's almost walk-of-shame cool.

  • As much as I adore getting dolled up and painting the town twenty shades of pink, I also love my dress down days. Untweezed eyebrows, pyjama bottoms, university hoodies, the works. They give me an excuse to give my skin a chance to relax, experiment with new make-up looks when you don't have to be seen anywhere and wear my XL band shirts that I'm still deciding what to do with.

    It's also often that these days are the most fun. After you get over the discomfort of looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards, you realise that as you don't need to care about smudging your immaculate eyeliner, you're free to let loose. I know that not everyone will feel that some of their most comfortable days are spent as dress-down days, or that fashion doesn't hurt (they're crazy - high heels, lip plumping gloss and teased hair HURT!) but it's definitely an idea that I believe.

     When I start my day in sweatpants and end it with the mascara I managed to apply before I left the house smudged down my face but with a smile, it's almost enough to make me give up on trying hard. But only almost!


    Michelle <3

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