02 November 2011

Learning to be the girl that knows her own style

The girl with a hundred dresses.  The girl who always rocks offbrand.
The girl with the amazing eyelashes.  The girl with all the Angelic Pretty.
The girl that loves bunny prints.  The girl that's always in green.
Feel lost yet?

With so many styles and so many choices, it sometimes seems difficult to make an image your own or stick to one thing.  So many people seem to have strongly defined taste and almost trademark style and they tend to be well known for just that; their image.  It can often seem difficult to define your OWN image but often it's just a case of rinse and repeat!

(image thanks to Kyra)

Build on strong foundations.
It might be that you want to start all over again with your personal style, but odds are that you already have one.  Build on it and what you're comfortable with and you may be happier than starting from scratch.  You will be more comfortable in your style if it's something you're accustomed to and it'll be you wearing the fashion, not the fashion wearing you!  Maybe you need to rejuvenate your closet before you start to build on it?

Stick to your guns and be yourself. 
Your favorite shoes might not be the most popular design, your socks might not quite reach your knees and your hair may not suit a particular style but it's YOUR style and YOUR choices. Don't let anyone dictate what you should wear; make yourself happy and others will notice your smile!

Don't be afraid to get what you LOVE not what's popular. 
There's an old adage of 'Fashion is what's available, style is what you choose from that' which I believe will always apply. It's easy to choose an outfit from clothes that are available, but it won't be your personal style. Mix in things that you love and bring your style to life.

Know your style, but don't be afraid to step outside it. 
I always think of one of my friends as always looking beautifully elegant in Moi Meme Moitie dresses, jewel tones and roses strewn through her hair but I know that she also has a lot of sweeter than sweet pastel frocks. Just because you choose to dress in different styles doesn't mean that the main impression people get from you should be diluted. Rock your personal style to it's fullest and it will translate to the masses.

Michelle <3

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