01 November 2011

DREAM WARDROBE: November - A touch of colour in the grey cold

Violet regretted not grabbing her coat as she ran out of the door, but didn't regret deciding to join her friends on the Ghost Walk through the ancient parts of the city. The roads were still haunted by the memories of Halloween just gone; fake blood stained the pavement and every now and again, some toilet roll still clung to the branches. Her bag was just big enough to hold the hipflask of whiskey that she was sharing with her best friends as they were told about murders, suicides and deaths under mysterious circumstances and by the time the tour was done, they were starting to feel the effects of the drink and the bars were just starting to get busy...
(skirt: Hollister  sweatshirt: Listen Flavor  bag: YesStyle.com  jewelry: hh-candy.com  tights: Jonathan Aston  shoes: Listen Flavor  hairclips: Kreepsville 666) 

Jessy leant against the wall by the door of the party and glanced around. All of her parents friends were here and her cheeks had started to ache from forcing a smile all evening. She caught her mothers eye; the woman waved and Jessy forced another smile. She swilled the last of her cola in the bottom of her glass and finished it in one mouthful, putting the glass on the windowsill. Headlights of a car pulling into the car park caught in the glass and she looked up, trying to get a look at the driver when her phone buzzed in her bag.
"You said SOS?" read the text. 
She glanced around once more, slipped out the door and ran for the car.
(stole: Juicy Couture  JSK: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright  bag: Sanrio  jewelry: Juicy Couture  tights: WeLoveColors.com  shoes: Iron Fist  hairgrip: Innocent World) 

Katie fiddled with the buttons on her phone and found herself looking through recent snapshots; friendly cats she'd walked by, food she'd eaten at restaurants, silly self portraits of her and her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend.  She was still getting used to that.  That boring boy, the son of one of her mums friends from the WI.  The one she was waiting for outside of his office on the high street.  That was the call she was trying to avoid making.  She finally found the number in her address book and hit the dial button.
"Mum..." she said, pausing.  "You were right."
(shirt: Miss Selfridge  trousers: MILK  bag: MILK  jewelry: Betsey Johnson, Forzieri  socks: Angelic Pretty  boots: Forever 21

Michelle <3

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